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Pointe Shoe Fittings

Pointe shoes aren’t a one style fits all product, and they also aren’t a one brand fits all. Every dancer has different feet shape, flexibility, strength and alignment, and it is important dancers are properly assessed and fitted correctly. Spangles is proud to stock three different brands of pointe shoes; Bloch, Capezio and Energetiks, with over 15 styles in store. We also have access to Grishko and Freed, and are able to order in any Bloch, Capezio and Energetiks styles, therefore providing many different choices for dancers of all levels.

Suzie the owner of Spangles has been professionally trained by Bloch, Capezio and Energetiks. She has been fitting pointe shoes for 10 years and has a great wealth of knowledge and experience. Suzie is passionate about finding the correct fit for dancers and has helped many local ballerina’s in our community.


First Pointe Shoe Fitting:

The first pointe shoe fitting for a dancer is a very exciting time and we look forward to beginning your journey en pointe! There are a few things to note about your first fitting:

  1. Make sure your dance teacher or a physiotherapist has approved your feet and has said you are ready for pointe shoes.
  2. To book an appointment call the shop on (02) 9971 2441 or email – Let us know its your first pair of pointes and what your preferred appointment time is.
  3. On the day of your fitting, make sure your toenails are cut short.
  4. Allow at least 45 minutes for your fitting.
  5. Every dancer receives a FREE gift of a Pointe Shoe Congratulations pack which includes a certificate, pointe shoe bag and keyring.

New Style of Pointe Shoe Fitting:

Are you looking to change styles, sizes or strength of your pointe shoes? This style of booking is for you! You will be able to try on different styles and together we can help you find your perfect pair.

  1. Bring your old pointe shoes and any pouches and spacers that you would normally wear with your shoes. This is essential so your shoes will be fitting you properly.
  2. To book an appointment call the shop on (02) 9971 2441 or email – Let us know you are wanting a new style of pointes and what your preferred appointment time is.

Replacement Pointe Shoes (Same Style): 

If you are looking to reorder the same shoes as you are wearing, please call the shop on (02) 9971 2441 and we will either put shoes aside for you or order them for you as needed. Alternatively, if your style/brand of pointe shoe is available on our website you can order them online and we can post them to you.

Full Time Ballet Students:

If you are a full time ballet student we offer a 20% discount storewide including pointe shoes. If you are requiring a few pairs of pointe shoes we are more than happy to bulk order extras for you to have as spares. Please call the shop on (02) 9971 2441 or email to place an order.

Group Pointe Shoe Fittings:

If you are a teacher or studio owner looking to book a group pointe shoe fitting for your students, Spangles is more than happy to accomodate. Please call the shop on (02) 9971 2441 for more information or to arrange a date and time.